How to purchase your first Conflux Name Service (.cfx) domain on Conflux blockchain?

2 min readJan 4, 2021

Conflux Name Service (.cfx) is a domain name service deployed on Conflux blockchain. This blog will introduce you to purchase your first .cfx domains.

Be aware, this purchase process only accept the cUSDT which is Conflux-Peg USDT live on the Conflux blockchain.

  1. First select the Conflux Portal wallet, this wallet will help you to interacting with the Conflux Name Service.

2. Search the “firstname” domain name in the search box. When the domains is available, you click the “Available” button to open the purchase box.

3. Before you pay the domains you must finish the approve operation, then you can pay the domains after the transaction confirmed.

When you finished the payment, the “firstname” domain will mined to your address automatically. You can see your domain on the “My Domains” menu.

So, You are successfully got your first blockchain domains, Enjoy it.