How To Try A Innovative Domain Service Defi Name Service(.defi) on Ethereum Ropsten Network

2 min readJan 10, 2021

Defi Name Service (.defi) is a domain name service deployed on Ethereum blockchain by TrustDomains. This blog will introduce you to get a test .defi domains for test.

  1. You should get the test USDT for the purchase the test .defi domains.

Ropsten Trust Domains Test USDT : 0xad7afd432ddc3002e36419ed68ba11b22cdc2fec

You can send any value of Ropsten eth to the address for got 10000 tUSDT, then you can start to try the .defi domain service.

2. Go to, switch the MetaMask wallet to the Ropsten network, and search the domain which you interested in.

3. When the is “Available”, it is not registered, you can purchase it. If your wallet is not approved , you should approve it first, than you can buy it by press the “Pay” button.

When the transaction confirmed, the domains you purchased will transfer to your wallet automatically.

4. Then you can go to the “My Domains” tab, you can see the domains your hold.

5. Let’s go to the domain manage page by click the “Manage Domain” button.

You can save the wallet address to your domain. and change the resolver of a domain, also can bind the IPFS website to your .defi domains.

6. You can put your domains on the auction market for sell.

Enjoy it!